Lakshman Sagar

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Located in the Raipur district of the Marwar region of Rajasthan, Lakshman Sagar beautifully merges the local village life with luxury. Taking great inspiration from the surrounding village the essence of local flavors reflects in every nook & corner of the property; a concept we like to refer to as 'zero kilometer'.

From breakfast in the fields of freshly baked bajra ki roti lathered with homemade butter and piping hot tea to goat herding with the local shepherd, especially crafted experiences reflect the simpler way of life.

While the potter shares his trade secrets with the guests to create personalized pieces of art, an excursion to the village with a visit to the local households gives an insight into the local nuances of culture and tradition. Learn that art of turban tying or get traditional henna tattoos for a truly local authentic experience.