Lakshman Sagar

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Amidst the arid badlands of Rajasthan, this quaint picturesque resort is best known for its bespoke itineraries. From goat herding to breakfast in the fields, we ensure to pamper our guests with customized activities rooted deeply in the culture and way of life of the Raipur locals.
While the customized juttis and bandgalas entices one to time travel to the glorious days of Indian royalty, finding a hot water bottle in your bed on a cold winter night  or getting a foot rub after a tiresome trek is sure to make the stay a memorable one.

Not only is the experience customized in terms of the activities, but also the food is unique to each guest; keeping in mind their likes and dislikes. Dishes made from seasonal and fresh produce are recommended to our guests, and their mini-bar is stocked up with international and local delicacies based on their palettes.