Lakshman Sagar

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Lakshman Sagar is the perfect destination for the urban adventurer. With a fine balance between luxury and local influences, guests can experience a wide variety of activities ranging from horse trailing, sheep herding, treks to Fatehgarh and Raipur fort or simply angling by the lake.

Lakshman Sagar is situated in the buffer region of the Todgarh sanctuary; as a result of which, one can spot owls, various species of birds, peacocks, butterflies, a family of antelopes and several turtles on the property itself. In addition to this, there is a wide variety of flora and fauna for those with a keen eye for nature.

A guest could choose to make a visit to the Todgarh sanctuary or simply lounge by the dam where some of this wildlife is visible. They could also venture into the neighbouring village where a different type of adventure is in store.