Setting the standard and framework at Sewara from the top is Inderpal Singh Kochhar, the mind behind the conceptualization of Sewara. Being a global nomad and taking inspirations from his travels, Inderpal has been deeply inspired by the concept of 'Slow Living'; highlights of which resonate in the brand from the time of its inception.

In 2005, Inderpal took over the reins of Sewara with the running of Lodi - The Garden Restaurant and subsequently Pushkar Resorts. By turning around systems - operational and infrastructural - he transformed both properties into immensely profitable businesses within 2 years & added another resorts, Lakshman Sagar, to the existing portfolio.

With this success to his credit, Inderpal is relentlessly working towards ensuring the success of upcoming properties Quila Tatarpur, Mahar Kala, Fort Bagri in Rajasthan, Ruthland & Smith Island in Andamans & his latest venture, Sewara Organics.