Pushkar Resorts

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Pushkar Resorts is one of the greenest landscapes in the city of Pushkar. It is life an oasis of freshness amonggst the arid backdrop of the the Aravallis. The warm earthy tones and orange stucco facade sets a stone for rugged luxury. The cottages verandahs enshrouded with beautiful bougainvillea creepers and seasonal flowering plants are prefect for morning tea or quite reading on lazy afternoons and evenings.

While fruit orchards housing a variety of fruits fruits like mangoes, amla, guava & green farmlands surround the resort, fruit picking in the orchards or early morning nature walks through the rose fields invoke a sense of well being,bringing one close to nature.

At Pushkar Resorts, there is great emphasis on the use of locally sourced products. We make our own manure with dried neem and have water harvesting patches. From the use of fresh home grown and organic ingredients to organic personal care products, our attempts to a greener future are entwined in every aspect of the resort.