Lodi - The Garden Restaurant


Lodi - the Garden Restaurant is highlighted by its lush botanical surrounding, pebbled walkways, cane & wooden furniture and bamboo railings. While the frescoes by artist Sivamani add to the restaurant's romantic character, the bright colored watering cans, veiled cabanas & cane lights add to its earthy vibe.

The Lodi has seating that is split between the Atrium, the Bar Floor, the Terrace, the Garden Area and the Ground Floor. The Garden area houses a variety of trees including the Jamun & Peepal, some over 100 years old. Comforting colors like orange have been used to ensure the seamless blending-in of the serene natural environment with that of the restaurant.

The earthy & organic sensibility of the restaurant is highlighted by the herb cart placed alongside the atrium featuring organic herbs grown and used in-house. The restaurant is designed to look like an extension of Lodhi Gardens itself.