Lodi - The Garden Restaurant

Catering Deli


The Deli, retailing fresh home-made and organic products,  emphasizes on fresh home grown products and seasonal ingredients, the menu is a mix of fresh home-made sauces, dips, chutneys & some delicious ready to eat options. The primary focus for our in-house chef has been on innovative recipes made from the freshest ingredients and delicious eating options which are easy take away & delivery options.

The Deli has soon gained popularity for its organic products ranging from delicious chilli tomato chutney to the locat preserve. The organic products on offer are Mango chutney, beetroot pickle, mixed vegetable pickle, mustard oil, basil pesto sauce, organic vegetables, locat preserve, chili tomato chutney.

Our organic products are sourced from our farms or certified organic vendors & farmers. The organic products sold at The Deli are made from raw organic ingredients.