Shareholder Benefits


1. At the time of registration, you will be required to give a contribution of Rs. 12000/- annually. This amount represents a shared responsibility for the costs of vegetable production and logistics. Our customers will be getting 7 k.g of vegetables every week.

2. A list of vegetables that will be grown during the season will be made available so consumers will know what to expect.

3. Each week, on a pre-determined day, your share of the produce will be delivered to your doorstep.

4. Each share will contain a proportionate quantity and variety of the produce harvested that week. Each week, depending upon availability, we will try to vary the vegetables included in your share

5. In case you do not want your share of the produce for a given week or you want it delivered elsewhere, then a prior notification through mail from the registered mail id as well as a sms from the registered mobile no. would be required.

6. In case of special orders or request for extra quantity produce, the products will be allocated to you after the regular supplies to the customers have been taken care of.

7. Occasionally, in addition to vegetables, farmers will have fruits and other provisions (e.g. cereals, pulses, oils, etc.) for sale. These will be available at additional costs; details of which will be provided basis availability.

8. Resources and activities (demonstrations, workshops, farm visits, etc.) will be offered to customers, students, shareholders from time to time to further their learning about growing and eating seasonal, local, food.

Shareholders who would like to continue for the next season are requested to intimate us by the end of the season. In the meantime we will update shareholders about any modifications in policy, costs, etc. for the next season.  

It is and always will be our endeavor to provide you with the agreed quantity of vegetables to the best that we can. However, due to the nature of the product and various natural factors such as floods, droughts, seasonal changes, plant infestation or disease, etc. or any other factors Sewara Organics will not refund your cash but we can carry forward your weekly share to the next week or month.